Nu-Tan™ Tanning Products

Nu-Tan™ has three tanning products. Each creates a beautiful natural tan, but is applied differently. For all three products, UV exposure is essential to create a beautiful tan and to prevent the excessive darkening of freckles, moles and sunspots. This UV exposure can be achieved by lying in the sun for 30 minutes (choose the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is less intense) every second or third day, or visiting a Tan-Can (standing sunbed) for 10 minutes. Never leave your sun or UV exposure for more than three days. Always wear sunscreen on your face and neck when using any of these tanning products.

The Nu-Tan™ patches are easy and effective – dubbed the future of tanning. They were developed by Nu-Tan™ to be convenient. They do not have the same side-effects as the injections, or the regular dosing requirements of the spray.

You will use the patch every one to three days in the loading phase, depending on how quickly you want to get your tan. Then, you will need to lie in the sun for about 30 minutes or the Tan-Can for 10 minutes on the days that you use the patch. The more often you use the patch and get UV exposure (i.e. every day as opposed to every third day), the quicker you will tan. Once you have achieved the golden tan you’re after, it is advised that you reduce your use of the patch to every third day as part of your maintenance phase (this will also make your patches last longer). It is crucial that you get some sun on the same day that you use the patch.

The patches are simply put onto your skin (usually somewhere out of the way, like the outer part of the upper arm). For detailed instructions, click here.

There are no side effects (other than a little redness where the patch was applied, which disappears within a few hours).

The injections are easy, quick and relatively painless (thanks to the very thin needle). They are also cost-effective.

During the loading phase, you will need to inject 0.05ml just beneath the skin on the stomach once a day. This is to build up the melanocytes in your body. Then, you will need to have about 30 minutes’ exposure to the sun every second day to get your gorgeous tan started.

Once you’re happy with your colour, you will go into the maintenance phase. This involves injecting yourself twice a week and then getting some sun exposure on the same days. You can carry on with this phase for as long as you like. If you choose to stop this phase, your tan will fade naturally over the course of one to three months. For detailed directions, click here.

Side effects like nausea, flushing of the face and an aphrodisiac effect are only noticed for the first few days, if at all.

The injection kit must be refrigerated at all times, and cannot come into contact with heat or humidity.

Nasal Spray
The nasal spray was created for those with a morbid fear of needles. During the loading phase, you will need to use the nasal spray three times a day, and then get about 30 minutes in the sun every two or three days. Once you are happy with your colour, you can begin the maintenance phase. During this time, you will use the spray three times a day, but for only two days of the week. On those days, you will need to get some UV treatment in the sun. For a detailed break-down of how to gradually increase your dose, click here.

This option is quick and easy for those on the run. The bottle does not need to be stored in the fridge, but must be kept away from heat and sun. Those suffering from allergies or sinus issues may not get the full benefit of the product, as it needs to be absorbed in the nasal membranes.

When Will I See Results?
The number of product kits required depends entirely on your skin type and how thoroughly you follow the instructions. According to research and the data collected, the average time that it takes to see great results are between three and four weeks. However, some with extremely fair skin have reported only seeing results at six weeks, while a few clients with more sallow tones have noticed their beautiful tan in only seven days.

So, you will require between one and four kits of any of the three products to achieve your beautiful tan and keep it for a while.

What is Your Skin Type?

Type 1 "Tan? What Tan?"
Tan? What Tan? This is the palest natural skin tone, and is the most sensitive to sun exposure. People with type 1 skin always burn, never tan and usually peel or blister when they have been in the sun for too long. This group includes those that freckle profusely in the sun.

What to expect after using Nu-Tan™: If you have lots of freckles, they might darken before the rest of your skin tone changes. Some new freckles may also show up. Don’t panic. This is completely normal. In fact, it’s a sign that your Nu-Tan™ is working.

Because your skin type is naturally pale, your loading phase will be longer than those with a darker skin type. You’ll need a fairly large amount of Nu-Tan™ in your system before your skin tone changes. Most customers with type 1 skin start experiencing a change in their overall colour around week four of use.

You will need a moderate amount of sun exposure to achieve a deep tan, but you should not burn or peel. Your freckles should become less noticeable as your overall skin tone gets darker and darker. Before you know it, you’ll have the tan you’ve always wanted.

Type 2 "Not extremely pale, but still has trouble tanning"
The type 2 group isn’t extremely pale, but still has trouble tanning. They burn easily and usually peel, but can eventually develop a slight tan.

What to expect after using Nu-Tan™: Most of our customers fall into this skin type and Nu-Tan™ usually works very well for them. If you have freckles, you can expect them to darken more quickly than the rest of your skin in the first week or so. Also, a few new freckles might appear. Your skin should start to darken around the third week of dosages.

You’ll probably need a low amount of sun exposure (less than those with skin type 1) before you get the colour you want, but you shouldn’t burn or peel.

A helpful tip: Your face and arms will probably get darker more quickly than the rest of your body because they’re exposed to the most amount of sun. To keep your tan even, use a good SPF on those areas.

Type 3 "People who burn moderately in the sun"
This group covers the widest variety of skin tones and refers to people who burn moderately in the sun but can gradually tan to a light brown. It also covers those don’t burn much at all and always tan moderately to well. People in this category peel occasionally after prolonged sun exposure, but don’t usually peel or freckle.

What to expect after using Nu-Tan™: Nu-Tan™ is great for people with this skin type. If you have freckles, they’ll initially darken before the rest of your skin does. You may see a change in your overall skin tone as soon as ten days after starting dosages, although it takes most people closer to two weeks.

People with this skin type usually do not have to go in the sun more than twice a week to notice a difference in skin colour. If you decide to go in the sun more often, your skin will darken quickly to a deep brown. Any part of your body that is exposed to sunlight (face, arms, hands, etc…) will tan very quickly. Use a high SPF if you find that those areas do not match the rest of your body.

Type 4 "This group rarely, if ever, burns in the sun"
If this is you, consider yourself lucky. This group rarely, if ever, burns in the sun and always tans to a deep, dark brown. They are not prone to peeling or freckling and can tan easily with minimal sun exposure.

What to expect after using Nu-Tan™: Most customers with this skin type don’t need Nu-Tan™ to get the perfect tan. Instead, they use it as a way to tan without unnecessarily exposing themselves to the harmful sun rays or using messy creams or lotions.

People with this skin type will darken very quickly and will have a very short loading phase. You could see results in as little as a week, although it might take as long as two to three weeks.

You won’t need to go in the sun to notice a change in your overall skin tone. Your skin will get darker on its own, without exposure to sunlight or tanning beds.

A helpful tip: If you decide to go in the sun, you should use SPF and be cautious about becoming too dark.

Type 5 "People who are deeply pigmented and never burn"
This group includes people who are deeply pigmented and never burn. They are considered insensitive to sunlight. They don’t peel or freckle and are naturally dark with no sun exposure.

What to expect after using Nu-Tan™: People in this group that are interested in using Nu-Tan most likely have a skin condition like vitiligo, which causes the skin to lose its melanocytes, resulting in a patchy discolouration. Although Nu-Tan™ was never developed as a treatment or cure for skin conditions, we do have customers who have had great results from using it. It’s certainly something worth considering and possibly trying after you do some research and talk to your doctor.

How to Use Nu-Tan™

Once you understand how to use Nu-Tan™, you will see how quick, easy and safe it is, even for the busiest users.

There are 3 ways to use the patches:

For faster results:

Daily – one patch a day with one UV session a day. 10 Minutes in a tancan / 20 minutes on a sunbed / 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

To build a gradual tan:

Every second day – one patch every second day. UV session every second day – 10 Minutes in a tancan / 20 minutes on a sunbed / 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

Every third day – one patch every third day. UV session every third day – 10 Minutes in a tancan / 20 minutes on a sunbed / 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

Parts covered with clothing will not go as tanned as parts fully exposed to UV.

Instructions on how to apply the patches:

Open the patch carefully, watching out never to touch the inside of the patch where the micro needles are. Then, stick one patch to your skin and press it down with your palm to make sure that the micro structures enter your skin properly. You should feel it like bristles on your skin. It can be placed anywhere on your body, but on the upper part of the outer arm is often the least invasive and most comfortable.

Each patch should stay firmly on your skin for at least two hours to allow them time to penetrate and dissolve properly. To ensure that the patch is ready to be removed, press down on the patch. If you feel nothing, the patch can be removed. If there is still a slightly prickly sensation, leave the patch on for longer.

Pro tip: attach the patch before you go to bed and remove it the next morning. This is the best way to make sure that it dissolves completely.

The glue on the patch may leave a slightly red mark for a few hours after the patch is removed. Other than this, there are no side effects.

KEEP YOUR PATCHES AWAY FROM EXTREME HEAT AND DIRECT SUNLIGHT. High heat and humidity will make the micro structures melt and your patch will not easily stick to your skin.

An injection kit contains one glass vial with a yellow cap, one plastic bottle with 5ml injection “water”, 1ml syringe for mixing, and one alcohol swab for hygiene.

Each kit has 30 to 40 injection doses.


• 1ml OR 0.3ml (preferable) disposable insulin syringes
• Alcohol swabs

These are available at most pharmacies.


Remove the yellow cap from the vial and inject 2ml of the injection “water” into the vial. Discard the rest (the remaining 3ml are just included in case of spillage, but they cannot be reused).





One dose is 5 units or 0.05ml.

On 1ml syringe: the syringe lines start at 10. However, your dose needs to be 5 units. So, only fill the syringe to halfway between zero and the first line (to the fifth tick).

On 0.3ml syringe: the syringe starts at 5. Draw the liquid up to number 5 (the first line). This is the full dose.

Hold the syringe with the needle pointing up and flick it to get the air bubbles to rise to the top. Then, depress the plunger slightly to let the air out of the syringe.

Pinch a piece of skin on your stomach next to the naval area. Clean the skin with the alcohol swab.

Insert the needle into this skin and inject the full 5 units of the Nu-Tan™ solution subcutaneously. Remove the needle and apply pressure to the site for a minute.

This should be repeated every morning in the loading phase. However, if you feel nauseous after your injection, do it at night before you go to sleep.

On the fourth day of your injections, you will need to begin the UV treatment, which means lying in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes every second or third day. Do not allow the time between UV treatments to exceed three days.

It is still absolutely essential that you wear a high-factor sunblock on your face and neck to prevent them from darkening more than the rest of your body.

Without the UV treatment (whether in a Tan-Can or just lying in the sun), your freckles and sunspots will go darker, but your skin colour will remain unchanged.

Once you reach your desired tan, switch over to the maintenance phase to keep it. During this time, you will only inject once or twice a week (5 units each time). On the days that you inject, you must get UV treatment.

If you find that you’re going too dark, go without injections or UV treatment for a week or two.

Nasal Spray
You will receive a kit and will mix the Nu-Tan™ formula yourself. Then, much like any over-the- counter nasal spray, this Nu-Tan™ product simply needs to be inserted into your nose and sprayed. You will gradually build-up to the full dose. During this time, you will need to lie in the sun for between 20 and 30 minutes or visit the Tan-Can for 10 minutes every two to three days.

How to mix
Remove the yellow cap from the Nu-Tan vial and inject 2ml of the injection water into the vial. Discard the rest (the remaining 3ml are just included in case of spillage, but they cannot be reused).

Open the nasal spray bottle and inject the whole solution from the Nu-Tan vial into the nasal spray solution. Close the bottle and turn it upside down so that the solution properly mixes.

Day 1: One spray in each nostril (preferably in the morning).

Day 2: One spray in each nostril, twice a day.

Days 3 and 4: Two sprays in each nostril, twice a day.

Day 5 onwards: Two sprays in each nostril, three times a day.

If dryness or burning occurs, users must revert to the DAY THREE dose indefinitely. There are no other significant side effects of the nasal spray.

Minimizing Side Effects
These tips apply particularly, but not only, to the injections.

• Always take your Nu-Tan™ dosage directly before bedtime or in the afternoon.
• Wear a physical sun block like zinc on your lips to minimise darkening.
• Never take more than one injection per day and never exceed your recommended daily dose.
• Take an anti-histamine one to two hours before your injection to ward off any potential allergic reactions.
• Always wear suitable eye protection outdoors (sunglasses) and indoors (tanning goggles).


Lighter freckles and moles, and previously unseen moles may darken and become more visible with the use of NuTan™ injections. This can also occur naturally, just by tanning. However, Nu-Tan™ is known to speed up this process in some users.

To reduce the chance of this, do not initially inject more than 0.02ml of Nu-Tan™ into your body between each tanning session. It is believed that tanning evens out the concentration of melanocytes in the body and prevents it from accumulating in existing freckles and moles (which are natural concentration points for melanocytes).

To reduce the risk further, take smaller and less frequent doses than is recommended; allowing your tan to build more slowly.

Any freckles or moles that have darkened during the usage of Nu-Tan™ will usually fade when you stop your treatments. However, the time it takes for this to occur will differ for each user.


Any unhealed scars or wounds may darken disproportionately, compared to the surrounding skin, when using Nu-Tan™ injections. Ensure that all scars are fully healed before using Nu-Tan™. While using Nu-Tan™, any slight skin abrasions (such as cuts or scratches) may also darken. So, take extra care of your skin during this time.

White Spots

These spots indicate that the skin has been damaged by the sun. There is only a small amount of melanocytes in these areas, which is a result of a history of sunburn. They become more noticeable during Nu-Tan™ usage because the surrounding skin darkens. But, they are not caused by Nu-Tan™.

If you notice larger white patches, this is usually indicative of a fungal infection, which can be treated with anti-fungal medicines like Nizoral. These are not caused by Nu-Tan™, but are made more apparent when your skin is tanned.