Nu-Tan™ is a revolutionary tanning product that uses each person’s own skin tone and type to create a natural, healthy-looking tan. But, unlike spray-on products or self-tan creams, the tan is real. So, there are no streaks, no stains, and no messy applications. The tan is a natural one that gives a healthy, gradual glow. It is ideal for those with pale skins that burn easily, as well as for anyone that wants a great tan for a special event (such as a summer holiday or a wedding) without having to spend hours in the sun.

How Does It Work?

This tanning product increases the skin’s production of melanocytes, which is the brown pigment that darkens when we expose it to the sun. Because the melanocytes are being stimulated, Nu- Tan™ users will darken quicker, burn less, and avoid lying in the sun for hours, which can cause a massive amount of skin damage and ageing.

Those with freckles or moles will enjoy the benefits of the tan without these blemishes darkening significantly. This is because they have to spend less time in the sun to achieve a beautiful golden tan.

Although everyone that uses Nu-Tan™ will enjoy excellent results, our fair-skinned clients are especially happy. Instead of getting painful sunburn and then fading back to a pale colour, they achieve a glowing bronze colour that lasts.


Nu-Tan™ is hitting the world beauty scene with a bang, thanks to the benefits it promises. These include:

• You spend less time in the sun to achieve an even, natural tan. So, even if you usually tan to a beautiful brown colour, you will benefit because you will achieve your colour without lying in the harmful UV rays for hours on end.
• Nu-Tan™ uses your own melanocytes as a catalyst to a great tan, so the colour is natural and authentic.
• It’s quick – getting some sun for just 20 to 30 minutes every second day will result in a gorgeous glow when using this tanning product.
• There are no harmful products being applied or the tell-tale streaks of sprays or creams.
• It is easy to use.
• There are a number of options available to clients, so you can choose the option with which you’re most comfortable.
• Being in the sun regularly for short periods is an excellent way to get more healthful Vitamin D.


Nu-Tan™ is available as an injection, as patches or as a nasal spray. Read more about each of these products here

Nu-Tan™ is a safer, more effective solution to achieving a gorgeous glow without causing excessive damage, taking too much time, or breaking the bank.